What It Means To Be Liberal

American liberalism has been rooted into the minds of the American people for the entire history of the US but many citizens in America may not know what it means to be liberal; being a liberal person and practicing social liberalism means that you believe in the equal rights and freedoms for all people and that you also promote free exchange of ideas and goods. In addition to this if you are a liberal you oppose censorship of ideas and speech as well as state economic controls because you should be free to pursue your own goals and do this in your own way as long as this does not interfere with the rights of others. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence he presented a very liberal idea when he declared that 'all men are created equal' and though he contradicted himself by contributing to the bondage of slavery the message still remains etched in the minds of every American who has read it.

When liberalism first came about in America it really challenged the beliefs and practices of existing politicians in Britain. Before the declaration of independence was written the british thought it only right that a monarchy should rule over his or her subjects and that they have the divine right to get anything that they desire. Through this system, whatever rights a man or woman were given under the state was to been seen as a gift from the state. Personal property and land in Britain during this time was seen as rightfully belonging to the monarchy in many cases especially with the lower class. Liberalism in America incorporates the idea of freedom for everyone based on this fact. Liberals argued during this time that the rights of the people came first and that the government is sanctioned by the people and should be run as so. This began a new era of democracy in the United States and led to a fierce battle with Britain in order for the American people to keep their freedoms and to practice liberalism.

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